This interest group is a platform for current or potential users of the Actorsphere in university education and research.

Check out Access to Actorsphere for information about getting accounts for educational & research purposes.

Based on a cooperation agreement between the software provider actnconnect and I2PM e.V. the use for education and research purposes is free of charge.

The interest group provides

  • access to the Actorsphere in the cloud
  • teaching material related to Actorsphere
  • information about applied research projects related to Actorsphere
  • Forums for the exchange of experiences, mutual support etc.

How to become a group member

In case you are already a member of the community clicking ‘Join us’ instantaneously also makes you a member of the group.

Otherwise join the community first by signing up here (upper right corner). After having finished registration there you automatically become a member of the group.

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